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How to Install and Download Google Chrome Web Browser

Google’s Chrome application program has become one amongst the foremost widespread within the world, because of sleek performance, support for add-ons, and options like casting and voice search that are absent in or solely part enforced by competitor browsers like expedition, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome is a browser that mixes a minimal style with subtle technology to create the online quicker, safer, and easier. Use one box for everything–type within the address bar and acquire suggestions for each search and sites. Thumbnails of your high sites allow you to access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab. Desktop shortcuts enable you to launch your favorite internet apps straight from your desktop. TO INSTALL CHROME FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING STEPS –Download the installer file. (download here : )If prompted, click Run or Save.If you selected Save, double-click the installer file to start out the installation …
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Improve Your English Skills on Vocabulary With Google Dictionary

As we know English is an international language that’s we need as an communication support in International World. So, studying English very recommended and become the required thing for us to use English. Using English have a lot of benefits that we will get if we mastered English. For the example is in working world or when we are traveling to a various country in the world. In working world, people who mastered on English will be priced more than people who don’t.

To be able to tell it in addition to the ordinance of speech of course we have to have a lot of warehouse vocabulary. Therefore we need a dictionary that is easily accessible and free of course. And this time I will advise you to use Google Dictionary. In addition to easily obtainable, it is also free. This tool is a google chrome extension. With this tool, You can show up the definition of every word you found on the web. 
The benefit of using this tool is : - To improve your English skill - Make your vocabulary warehou…

Unblock the Blocked & Censored Website With AnonymoX

Sometimes when we are gonna open a website on the internet our provider block it(a lot of websites has been blocked by provider sometimes), sometimes it happens when we are using the internet at our school. And it’s disturbing us when we gonna surf on some websites and videos that really important. So, to solve (to unblock and make it unblocked) this problem you need to change your proxy or use VPN, it’s the cheapest way. But, I’m just gonna show you how to solve it on a pc, especially for google chrome user. For google chrome user you can use the extension to unblock the website. You can use AnonymoX extension. AnonymoX actually is a tool from google chrome extension to unblock blocked websites. It’s also an extension for Anonymous & Private Internet. With anonymoX you can browse the web anonymously(it will hide your identity on the internet when visiting website), change your IP address & country (to one provided by anonymoX) easily, and also to visit or open blocked & c…

Block Disturbing Ads With AdBlock

AdBlock is a google chrome extension for blocking ads on the website. As we know that sometimes ads are very disturbing to us. Such pop ads and etc. AdBlock is The number one advert blocker with over 2 hundred million downloads. Blocks YouTube, Facebook, and commercials everywhere else on the net.

The unique AdBlock for Chrome works routinely. Choose to maintain seeing unobtrusive advertisements, whitelist your favored sites, or block all commercials through default. Just click on "Add to Chrome," then visit your favorite website and see the commercials disappear!

Also to be had for iPhone, Safari, and Opera from getadblock.Com.

Use "Evernote" to Save Things You See On The Web

The Evernote extension is a google chrome extension to store stuff you see on the net into your Evernote account. Clip the net pages you want to keep. Save them in Evernote. Easily find them on any tool.

Uses and benefit of using evernote :
- Great for research—clip any article or net page
- Clip to a selected pocket book and assign tags
- Use Evernote to locate clips on any device

- Highlight key textual content from any website or article
- Use textual content and visual callouts to draw attention
- Share and electronic mail clips or create a URL hyperlink

- Special codecs for LinkedIn, Amazon & YouTube
- Clip Gmail threads and attachments
- Clip because the complete web page, selection, or simplified article

Fix Your Grammar Fault With Grammarly Google Chrome Extension

Grammarly is an extension in google chrome that will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear from any mistake of grammar fault. Grammarly has a lot of function like:

- Contextual spelling checker
Grammarly will detect correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. You can stop worrying about the use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose homophones like lose/loose, affect/effect, lie/lay, there/their/they’re, and many other commonly confused words.

- Grammar checker
It can fix hundreds and more of complex grammatical errors, including subject-verb agreement, the article uses, and modifier placement, and etc.

- Trusted by millions of users
It is trusted by students, writers, business professionals, bloggers, and plenty of people who wants to write better. 

- Grammarly Premium
If you want to supercharge your writing performance and leave no error unchecked, Grammarly Premium is what you need. Here’s what you can do with Premium:
   Check for over a…